Windows Media Centre, which was first introduced in Vista and given a new user-interface and improved functions in Windows 7, is a media player designed to bring music, pictures and TV and movies to one location on a Windows PC.

As well as video stored on your PC’s hard drive, Windows Media Centre lets Windows 7 users watch a selection of TV shows from Microsoft’s TV-on-demand service MSN Video Player, which in the UK offers a selection of BBC shows. It's worth noting that as the service streams TV shows, you'll need a net connection on your PC to be able to access the content.

Here’s how to watch MSN Video Player using Windows Media Centre

Step one
Select Windows Media Centre from the Start Menu.

Step two
From the Windows Media Centre main screen, scroll down to TV and click on MSN Video player.

Step three
You’ll be required to accept the terms and conditions by checking the box next to I have read the terms of service and privacy statement, then press Install.

Step four
Using the genre tabs at the top of the window, select which type of programme you’d like to watch. You can choose from four different categories including Comedy and Drama.

Step five
Now scroll through the programmes in these categories and click on one you’d like to watch. Next select which episode (there are usually multiple available) and click on the show’s thumbnail.

Step six
If the programme you’ve selected contains scenes of violence or a sexual nature, or anything that is deemed unsuitable for children, you’ll be required to enter your date of birth before you begin watching the show.  You need to be 16 or above to watch shows that contain this information. It’s worth noting adverts will be played before the show commences and you’re unable to skip these. The controls at the bottom of the window can be used to pause, fast forward and rewind the video playback.

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