When it comes to PCs, many computer users aren't as technical as they'd like, and have to result to calling in help when problems arise. Whether its reporting the issue to your IT helpdesk to fix or calling on the services of a tech-savvy friend. However, when it comes to explaining the exact problem, many of us flounder. And what happens if the fault or issue is intermitement and your helpdesk or technically-minded mate can't get the PC to recreate the same problem?

This is where a utility built-in to Windows 7, known as problem steps recorder, can help. It records the exact steps a user takes and then 'records' them as a of annotated screenshots that are turned into an MHTML (multimedia HTML) file that can be attached to an email and forwarded on to other PC users that can view it in Internet Explorer.

Step one
Click the start menu and in the search box enter 'psr.exe'.

Step two
Double-click the PSR logo to open the program. Click Start Record and then begin the actions on your PC that lead to the problem.

Step three
If you need to, you can pause the recording using the pause icon, which appears in place of Start button once a recording has begun. Press the icon again to resume recording . You can also add notes to the recording by clicking the Add Comment button.

Step four
When finished, press Stop Record. The recording will then be saved as a .zip file to a location of your choice, which you can either open in a browser or email to another PC user.