Our Helproom Editor explains how to configure Windows to work with single-clicks, instead of having to double-click all the time.

QUESTION How can I make folders open with a single click? I must be too slow to double-click, because I find it rarely has the desired effect.

HELPROOM ANSWER: To configure Windows to accept single-click instructions, open a folder on the desktop and click Organize at the top left. Now choose 'Folder and search options'.

In Windows 8 you'll need to click the View tab, then select 'Change folder and search options' from the Options menu.

Open the General tab and find the central section labelled 'Click items as follows'. Select the top option, 'Single-click to open an item (point to select)', and click Ok.

This solution will be useful only when working in Windows Explorer. If you're having real difficulty with double-clicking within over applications, a better fix is to alter the speed at which double-clicks are recognised by your computer.

Open the Control Panel and type click in the Search box. Find and select 'Change mouse click settings', which will bring up the Mouse Properties dialog. Select the Buttons tab and you'll find a slider that lets you adjust the double-click speed.

Next to the slider is a folder icon that lets you test your settings. Move the slider to the left, then see if you can open the folder icon with a double-click. This should make it easier for you to double-click folders, but you'll now need to be extra careful not to move the mouse between clicks.

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