Microsoft's Window operating system offers plenty of ways to customise the interface of your PC. Windows 7 lets you change the theme, desktop background and even screen resolution on your PC. But what happens if after adjusting these items, you struggle to read the text or see the icons displayed on your PC? Fear not, however, as Windows makes it easier to adjust the size of the font used by the operating system. It’s simple to implement to. Here’s how.

Step one
From the Start menu open the Control Panel.

Step two
Choose Appearance and Personalization then click Make text and other items bigger or smaller.

Step three
You'll be presented with three options; Smaller or 100 percent, which is the default, Medium which is 125 percent of the actual size and finally Larger. Simply select which one you require and press Apply. It's worth noting that if you opt for Larger, some items may not fit on your screen.

Step four
However, if you just want to temporarily enlarge part of your screen, you're better off using the Magnifier tool. Open the start menu and type Magnifier in the search box.

Step five
The default view in Full screen, which allows you move your cursor across the screen to get a specific section. Alternatively you can swap to Lens mode, which sees the area around the cursor magnified or docked mode where only a portion of the screen is enlarged using the drop down menu next to Views.

Step six
To enlarge the screen even further press the + button, while the - will help you decrease the size. To exit Magnifier, simply press the red cross in the corner. You may need to click on the magnifying glass if the settings options are not visible.