Stop automatic screen dimming in Windows

We show you how to disable the automatic screen-dimming function in Windows 8 so that your PC display stays bright all the time. A similar version of this fix works in other versions of Windows. Visit Windows 8 Advisor.

QUESTION I have a lovely 27in iMac on which I occasionally need to run Windows 8. Under Mac OS X I have disabled the automatic screen dimming function, which really annoys me.

When I use Bootcamp to run Windows 8, the automatic screen dimming comes back into effect. Is there a way to disable it in Windows too? (See also: Microsoft Windows 8 review.)

HELPROOM ANSWER Yes there is, and this will also work on PCs (usually laptops) fitted with ambient light sensors. The setting you're looking for is tucked away in the advanced power options and really isn't easy to find.

Open the Control Panel and double-click Power Options. Find your currently selected power plan and click on the associated "Change plan settings" link.

Now click on "Change advanced power settings". Scroll down to the option marked Display and click on the plus sign to expand the menu.

Now look for "Enable adaptive brightness". Click on the plus sign to expand the menu and make sure the setting is set to "Off". Now click the OK button and your screen won't dim any longer. See also our review of the Windows 8.1 Preview.

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