If you're running Windows 8 then you'll have no doubt tried out a few Modern UI apps. Not all of them are worth keeping so here's how to delete Windows 8 apps you don't like.

Apps are extremely simple to install on Windows 8. Simply head to the Store, find an app which looks interesting, and click install. However, it's not quite so obvious how to delete or uninstall them.

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We check out new Windows 8 apps all the time, but not all of them live up to expectation and aren't worth keeping. With more than 50,000 apps in the Windows 8 Store, there are bound to be apps you've installed but don't like.

Don’t worry though, because it is nice and easy to do. Here's our step by step guide to deleting Windows 8 apps for PCs, laptops and tablets.

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Delete Windows 8 apps: Step One

For starters you need to head to the Windows 8 Start Screen with its Modern UI. Do this by clicking Start in the Charms Bar or hitting the Windows key on your keyboard or tablet depending on what you're using.

Microsoft Windows 8 Start Screen Modern UI

Delete Windows 8 apps: Step Two

Find the app you wish to delete and right click on it. After you click, the app will have a small tick in the corner.

Installed apps should have a 'tile' on the Start Screen but if the app isn't there then use Search in the Charms Bar to find it.

Microsoft Windows 8 app options

Delete Windows 8 apps: Step Three

Once you've selected the app you wish to delete, an options bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Choose the Uninstall option and then click the second Uninstall button when you are prompted.

You've now deleted the app by uninstalling it from your PC or tablet.

Delete a Windows 8 app

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