Windows Media Centre, which was first introduced in Vista and given a new user-interface and improved functions in Windows 7, is a media player designed to bring music, pictures and even digital TV and movies to one location on a Windows PC. By launching the programme you can access all your multimedia and even play a photo slideshow while you're listening to music.

We've already shown you how to play music and create playlists in Windows Media Centre but it's also possible to burn these playlists, as well as album, to a CD, providing your machine has a CD writer.

This is great if you want to listen to your digital music elsewhere, perhaps when you're in your car or on a stereo system that doesn't support music-streaming. Here's how to burn a CD in Windows Media Centre.

Step one
Select Windows Media Centre from the Start Menu.

Step two
From the Windows Media Centre main screen, scroll down to Music and Select Music Library.

Step three
Now either select Albums and then choose the one you want to burn, or open Playlists and select the playlist you want to transfer to CD.

Step four
From the window displayed, select Actions from the top and then select Burn a CD/DVD from the list. You'll be asked to insert a CD or DVD into your drive and then press Retry.

Step five
From the options displayed select whether you're burning audio or data files and then press Next. You'll be asked to enter the name of the CD or album you're burning. It's worth noting, you'll have to use an on-screen keyboard to enter this which can be displayed by pressing Carriage return. Simply click the letters you required and then press Done.

Step six
Now you'll be given the option to adjust the order in which the tracks are burnt using the on screen up and down arrows. You can also remove tracks by the pressing the 'x' located to the far right-hand side of the window. When you're happy with the order and tracks, press Burn CD.

Step seven
The disc writing will now begin. A progress bar will alert you as to how much of the task has been completed. You'll also be given the option to top the burn at any time. You'll be notified once the burn has been completed.