When it comes to using your PC, organising how and when your data is backed-up is one of the most important processes you need to implement. Microsoft has made it very easy to set-up a back-up in Windows 7. Here's how to do it.

Step one
From the Start Menu, open the Control Panel.

Step two
Select System and Security and then scroll down to the section marked Backup and restore and click Back up your computer.

Step three
If you have never set up a backup in Windows before, at the top of the window underneath Backup, it'll alert you to the fact a backup is not in place, so simply press Set up backup to the far right-hand side to alter the backup settings.

Step four
You'll need to specify where you want to backup your files to, for example a DVD drive, an external hard drive or a network, Now press Next. You'll be given the option to choose between letting Windows selecting the libraries and folders to backup or selecting them yourself.

Step five
If you've opted to choose the locations to backup yourself, you'll be required to check boxes next to various libraries and folders. You can also schedule when you want an automatic backup to take place. Press Change schedule to select the frequency, day and time. Press Ok. Now press Save settings and run backup for the backup to begin.

Step six
Alternatively, if you have already set up the backup options, from the Back up your computer window, simply press Back up now to manually create a new backup, if you don't want to wait for the automatic scheduled backup. You can also change your settings by pressing Change settings which is located under the information about the last time the machine was backed up.