Adobe Flash Player 11

If you have a Windows 8 then you might want Flash Player to fully appreciate some websites on the internet. Here's how to get Adobe Flash Player for Windows 8.

If you open a webpage or try to play a video online and you're unable to, it might be because Adobe Flash is being used. You need the Flash Player (current version 11) to be able to view the content properly. It's simple and easy to do so follow the step by step guide below. See also: How to delete or remove Windows 8 apps for PC, laptop and tablet.

Note: If you are using Windows 8, Flash Player is now embedded into the OS for Internet Explorer so there is no need to manually install. If you're using another browser then follow this guide.

How to get Adobe Flash Player for Windows 8

Step One

Open your web browser, type '' and hit enter. Or click on our hyperlink.

Flash for Windows 8 browser

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Step Two

Once you've navigated to the Adobe website, click the yellow download button. You can decide whether you wish to download the additional software, in this case Google Drive, via the tick box.

Flash for Windows 8 download

Step Three

When the next window opens, click Save File.

Flash for Windows 8 save file

Step Four

Once the download it complete, open the installer by double clicking on it. In this case it's found in the downloads manager of FireFox or your Downloads folder.

Flash for Windows 8 FireFox downloads

Step Five

Choose the update setting you prefer and click next. The installer will now install Flash Player on your computer. You may get a prompt asking you to close your browser before the installation can continue. If so, close your browser and click Retry.

Flash for Windows 8 close FireFox

Step Six

If all is well, then the installation will successfully complete. Hit the Finish button and you've now got Flash installed.

Flash for Windows 8 complete

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