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If there is a problem accessing the email account associated with your Windows 8 PC, laptop or tablet, you need to change the account details. Here's how to change the email address associated with your Windows 8 account.

QUESTION I've been signing in to Windows 8 using my Microsoft account email address. My laptop recently started running very slowly, so I carried out a clean re-install of Windows.

Unfortunately, I misspelt my email address but didn't notice until I was asked to verify that it was mine (I had done this successfully the first time I installed Windows 8). I requested a verification email from Microsoft, but this failed to arrive because I'd entered the wrong email address.

Now I can't find a way to rectify the error. I'm getting increasingly confused by the Microsoft help screens, as I don't understand the terminology. All I want is my email address spelt correctly at the sign in to Windows 8 screen, and for my Microsoft account to be accessible to me. Can you help?

HELPROOM ANSWER One way is to clear the email address associated with your account and start again. You can do this by converting the account to a Local account and then changing it back to a Microsoft account. This will let you start again and enter your Microsoft Live email address from scratch.

To do this, press Windows-C to bring up the Charms menu, then select 'Settings'. Choose Change PC settings. This will bring up the PC settings app. Select 'Users' in the left-hand column. In the right-hand column, under 'Your account', you should see a button marked Switch to a Local Account. Click it to dissociate your Microsoft account with the incorrect information from your Windows account. Sign out and then back in.

Now repeat the process, but this time select 'Switch to a Microsoft account'. Now you can enter the correct email address associated with your Microsoft Live account.

This procedure has, however, changed slightly on Windows 8.1. If you're running this, you'll need to do the following:

Follow the same steps as for Windows 8 until you are in the PC settings app. Select Accounts and then click on 'Your account'. You should now see your incorrect email address in the right-hand pane. Click on the word Disconnect beneath it to dissociate your Microsoft account. You'll need to enter your password and follow the instructions. Sign out and back in with your new local account, then repeat the process until you are in the Accounts settings. Now click on 'Connect to a Microsoft account' to connect to the correct Microsoft Live account.

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