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  • How to get Windows 10 for free

    how to get windows 10 for free devices

    Microsoft's free upgrade to Windows 10 has officially ended, but there are still ways to get it

    30 Nov 2018

  • How to remove write protection from USB drives and memory cards

    how to erase a write protected usb drive or sd card

    If you can't copy files to your memory stick or SD card, here are some tips that could fix it.

    30 Nov 2018

  • How to copy files to a new PC

    how to move data to a new pc main

    Transfer folders, files from your old PC to your new one

    26 Nov 2018

  • How to play PS4 games on PC & Mac

    26206421086 43576a3861 k

    Here's how you can play PlayStation games on your PC via Remote Play or Sony's PS Now streaming service

    20 Nov 2018

  • How to install antivirus on PC or laptop

    how to install antivirus on pc or laptop main

    How to use antivirus software to protect your data from hackers

    19 Nov 2018

  • How to turn on of off Windows Defender

    windows defender protected

    Check if Microsoft’s anti-spyware and anti-malware tool is turned on or off

    16 Nov 2018

  • How to show hidden files in Windows 10

    windows 10

    Can’t find the files you’re looking for? Windows may be hiding them

    01 Nov 2018

  • How to print in Windows 10

    how to print in windows 10 epson printer

    Everything you need to know about printing in Windows 10

    30 Oct 2018

  • How to turn on WiFi in Windows 10

    fix windows 10 wi fi adapter settings

    Quickly adjust your Wi-Fi settings and fix adapter problems

    29 Oct 2018

  • How to print photos at a larger size

    how to print photos at a larger size size0

    Make your photo prints bigger by using the settings in Windows

    12 Oct 2018

  • How to block pop ups

    tech industry 01 800

    Stop annoying pop up messages appearing as you surf and compute

    09 Oct 2018

  • How to reinstall Windows

    MS Windows 800

    We explain step by step how to reinstall Windows on your PC or laptop

    09 Oct 2018

  • How to make printer colours match display

    how to match printer colours to display main

    Getting different results from your printouts than you see on your screen? Try these tips to remedy the situation

    08 Oct 2018

  • How to defrag a hard drive

    tech industry 01 thumb336

    Defragging sounds like gaming jargon, but it could actually speed up your PC

    08 Oct 2018

  • How to Recover Deleted Files

    how to recover deleted files

    Find and restore accidentally deleted documents, photos and other files from memory cards and USB drives

    02 Oct 2018

  • How to Reset Windows

    windows logo

    Restore your laptop to its original settings

    28 Sep 2018

  • How to run programs as administrator in Windows 10

    run as administrator start menu

    We show you the easy way and the permanent method

    28 Sep 2018

  • What is pagefile.sys?

    Asus Laptop lifestyle 18

    How to delete, move and resize pagefile.sys

    28 Sep 2018

  • How to Remove Login Password in Windows 10

    remove windows 10 login screen

    Passwords are great for security, but a pain for convenience - especially on computers you use only at home

    27 Sep 2018

  • How to play your Xbox One on Windows 10

    how to play xbox one on pc

    Want to play your Xbox One on your PC? Where there's a will, there's a way...

    25 Sep 2018

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