If only the best will do, the Apple Watch on your smartwatch wishlist has to be the extravagant Apple Watch Edition, with luxurious 18-carat gold. We're cheapskates, though, and Apple can sod off with its £8,000-plus price tag. Here's how to get a gold Apple Watch for £329. Also see: Best smartwatches 2015. 

It's a bit of a difference: £299 for the Apple Watch Sport edition, to £8,000-plus for the 18-carat gold or rose gold Apple Watch Edition. And even at this price it's STILL got a cheapo Sport Band. 

There might well be 38 different combinations of Apple Watch, but fact is the majority of Apple Watch hopefuls will be queueing up for the cheapest £299 Sport Edition. Don't let that put you off: while they're all sporting the same look, you can bling up your Apple Watch Sport and no-one will ever know it's not an £8,000 smartwatch. (Except us, but we won't tell anyone.) Also see: How to choose a unique Apple Watch. 

How to get a gold Apple Watch for £329: Save money on gold Apple Watch 

We've got MobileFun to thank for this one, which lists on its site an Apple Watch Gold Upgrade Kit for a tiny £29.99. Just think: you could buy more than 250 of these kits with the money you save by not buying your gold Apple Watch from Apple. 

The kit is available to pre-order, and should ship before Apple's 26 April launch day for the Apple Watch. Also see: Apple Watch UK release date, price and specs. 

Above: The Apple Watch Edition in 18-carat gold: you know you want one - and now you can afford one

Admittedly, the upgrade kit doesn't use 18-carat gold, but its high-definition adhesive veneers look the real deal and, importantly, won't fail the bite test. If you don't believe us, go on, have a chew.  

We're not joking. Real gold actually shows indents from your teeth, and the purer it is the deeper are the markings.

The kit contains everything you need to make your own gold Apple Watch, and its pre-cut pieces fit perfectly to the Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch collection smartwatches. 

Open your upgrade kit and put each piece on the table in front of you so you can clearly see what's what. Now take the first piece and carefully peel it away from its protective backing.  

Apple doesn't recommend submerging the Apple Watch, although it should be resistant to shallow water for up to 30 minutes. No drama: you just need to do this bit quick. It is the Sport model, after all. 

Ready? Go! Grab a bucket of slightly soapy water and a squeegee. Give the Apple Watch a dunk, then carefully align the decal with its edge. Use the wet squeegee to smooth it over so you don't end up with any air bubbles. 

Repeat this step for each piece in the kit. It should dry pretty quick - you can wave it about in the air to speed it up, but we don't recommend applying heat. 

When you've finished your Apple Watch Sport edition will look identical to the £8,000 Apple Watch Edition in 18-carat gold. Get yourself out there and show it off.

Mobile Fun listed this product as an April Fool's Day prank. However, if they get enough interest, you never know...

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