Have your text and call notifications stopped working on your Fitbit tracker? Frustrating, right? Here’s a quick fix that took us quite a while to work out.

Notifications on trackers such as the Fitbit Charge 2, Alta and Alta HR are a super-handy way of keeping up to date with your phone calls, text messages and calendar alerts without having to pull your smartphone from your pocket.

But many users have found their Fitbit suddenly not working any more – even when properly switched on in the Fitbit app.

Fitbit app Notifications on settings

First make sure Notifications are turned on in the Fitbit app. We discovered that this is no guarantee that Notifications would actually buzz or display on the actual tracker.

There are plenty of supposed fixes on the Fitbit forums, many of which seemed to have worked for people. But they didn’t for us. And the fix for us was even simpler.

The normal solutions include restarting the tracker, turning Bluetooth on and off, turning your smartphone on and off, Forgetting the tracker via Bluetooth and then adding back as a new device, etc.

Here are the official Fitbit tips and comments on the Fitbit User Forums. But before you go through all that try our simple fix. We tried all the Fitbit ones and none worked, but ours did!

For some reason a Fitbit software update turns Notifications off by default on the tracker itself. Don’t ask us why. Developers do silly stuff sometimes.

How to fix Fitbit Notifications on tracker

So this is how you turn Notifications back on on the tracker. It’s simple – once you know how.

For the Charge 2 push the side button and hold it in for a few seconds until the Notifications screen appears. Keep holding it and the Notifications Off will change to Notifications On.

For the Blaze hold the top-right button for a couple seconds.

For the Surge swipe the touchscreen until you get to the Settings menu, then find Notifications.Fitbit tracker Notifications

Even then Notifications didn’t immediately spring back to life. Sync your tracker and they might come back then and there. Otherwise be patient and leave it a few hours – ours started working again after a night’s rest. Again, we have no idea why it took so long but the next morning Notifications were back working!

And you can then try restarting the tracker and going through the Fitbit tips after turning back on on the tracker, but give it a while and we bet that turning the Notifications back on via the tracker will do the trick in itself!

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