LG might be struggling in the smartphone game but it is excelling as usual with the rest of its consumer tech business. Its TVs are among the best in the industry, while white good sales of fridges and washing machines remain strong.

It’s those white goods that LG normally focuses on at CES, and what we expect its press conference will be mostly about.

It has also already announced most of what it will be showcasing early, and the tagline for its press conference is ‘Anywhere is home’, strongly hinting we’ll mainly be seeing white goods and appliances.

But there’s a chance we could see a phone announced too. Here’s how to tune in to see for yourself.

When is the LG CES 2020 press conference?

LG’s press conference at CES is on Monday 6 January at 8am local time, which is 4pm UK time.

How to watch the LG CES 2020 press conference

Helpfully, LG will live stream the entire press conference for free on YouTube. We’ve embedded the video at the top of this page for you to do just that. At the right time, just click play.

What to expect from LG at CES 2020

In true LG fashion, the company has announced a lot of what it’ll be showing at CES already. It’s a tactic that it has used for a few years now in an attempt to whip up excitement before the show, rather than getting lost in the noise.

Among the announcements are its latest Gram lightweight laptops, 8K TVs with built in AI, a new smart fridge and a wacky indoor vegetable grower.

There’s a slim chance we’ll see a smartphone announced, though LG normally waits until MWC for that. There has been a leak of what @OnLeaks says is the LG G9, complete with four cameras and a notch. If accurate, it means LG’s next G phone will ditch the biometric hand vein sensors of the G8 for something simpler.

LG could also use the CES presser to announce the LG V60, the follow up to the V50. The V50 was LG’s first phone with a dual screen accessory case. We’d expect the V60 to continue this trend.

LG’s phone division is a little worse for wear since its commercial peak around 2014 with classic phones like the G3 and G4. We’re always hoping for a return to form, but its generic recent smartphones don’t leave us with much confidence.