Amazon's Kindle Touch 3G e-reader will start shipping with free internet access on April 27. Users in 127 countries can preorder the device for around 250 dollars. It has  6-inch screen, can hold up to 3,000 books and has a battery life of 2 months.

The European Commission will get tough on cybercrime, but won't target illegal file-sharing. It will set up a European Cybercrime Centre in the Netherlands. Research found that cyber attacks accounted for almost 40 percent of all economic crimes that finance companies experienced in 2011.

Flat panel TV shipments are projected to drop for the first time on an annual basis this year. It would end unbroken growth since the market formed. iSuppli predicts that the market will slip 5 percent to about 37 million units.Shipments are expected to weaken until at least 2015.

It's like OpenTable for babysitters. connects parents looking for caretakers in a number of cities across the US. Babysitters are introduced to prospective clients in in-person meetings and a Facebook Connect feature lets you see who they've worked for before.