After 244 years Encyclopedia Britannica will stop publishing its flagship books and concentrate on its digital offerings. The print edition accounted for less than 1 percent of the company’s revenue. The online subscription costs 2 dollars a month.

Sony’s new Xperia sola lets users interact with the phone without touching the screen. The phone’s capacitive touchscreen registers a user’s finger up to 20 mm away. Sony calls it floating touch and hope to start using the technology in their applications and will show more in the future.

While the craze this week may be around Apple’s iPad, Android based tablets will lead the market by 2015. Market share for the iPad has been continually dropping as more competitors join the fray. Amazon’s Kindle Fire has seen huge success, claiming 2nd place in the worldwide market.

Microsoft Research showed off a technology it calls Cliplets, which combines still and dynamic images. They say it allows people to capture the moment, but to avoid shaky camera work and background clutter. It’s an interactive app that is semi automated to make images that sit between stills and video.