Mobile internet access delivers video content wherever we go and a tablet makes the ideal device for viewing it all. Here's how to access the best video on your tablet.

Long gone are the days when video content could only be viewed in front of the telly at home. Now, largely thanks to the internet and an explosion of mobile devices, we can watch video content pretty much wherever we go. While it is possible to view video entertainment on many other gadgets, with smartphones being the main item that most people now look to for their on-the-go needs, they often don’t make for a particularly great viewing environment.

Granted, some of the latest mobile handsets do come with sizeable screens, great resolution and occasionally even a high-definition pedigree, but as a whole they’re still quite small. What’s more, the sound quality rarely lives up to expectations either, simply because some mobile devices are so small that their portability ends up watering down the effect of the content they’re trying to show off.

So then, enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which takes all of the best elements of Google Android-powered smartphones and bundles it all into a slightly larger package. While this is one of the smaller tablet devices currently on the market, which makes it all the more portable and ultimately a lot more convenient to use, the Galaxy Tab also makes an ideal environment for accessing and playing back video content online.

The screen may be relatively small, but it’s perfectly formed allowing you to enjoy the best that online video entertainment has to offer. And, what’s more, you also get stereo speakers too, meaning that the sound quality is far superior that found on many other mobile devices. Even if you’re not in a position to enjoy the speakers out loud, there’s also a jack plug socket meaning that by plugging in headphones you can still have an excellent full-on stereo experience while you’re on the move.

If you’re not sure where to start enjoying online video then the default Android operating system comes packed with goodies that will allow you to get the best from your multimedia entertainment interests. For starters, the desktop has a preinstalled app link for YouTube, everyone’s favourite online video website. One tap on this widget will gain you instant access to just about anything, while the screen area makes for an ideal viewing arena for everything from comedy to tragedy.

Adding to the overall online video experience, there is also a video player widget included in the default Android OS. Inside here it is possible to view, manage and share video content with ease.

It acts as a kind of video management area, allowing you to sort, catalogue and archive not only general videos but also movies shot using the on-board camera. Adding lots of different video content can soon prove problematical, so having a player with these sort of capabilities can not only help you enjoy content stored on your Galaxy Tab, but ensure that you know what it is, and also exactly where it is. We all know how rapidly our digital photography collections can become a jumbled mess, and in the same way video content can also quickly descend into chaos.

However, using the simple Video app option, you’ll be able to rest assured that your online video content remains perfectly in order. There’s also a Samsung movie outlet widget too, allowing you to buy movies and download them directly to your Tab device. Simply register, add some account details and you’re ready to go. Here’s an overview of what’s on offer.

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