One of the great things about tablets is that they can be personalised to your own tastes and needs.

If you think about your mobile phone, perhaps you have used a favourite photo as the wallpaper and put links to important people or information on the home page. The same concept applies to a tablet, except that with a much bigger screen and a wider potential array of uses, the possibilities for personalisation are that much greater.

If you have a mobile phone running Android, the ways in which you can customise your Android tablet will already feel very familiar, because the operating system used is the same. Oh, you might be using Android version 2.3, 2.2 or 2.1, and there are important differences between the versions, but the methods for customising, and the kinds of things you can do, are very similar between the versions, so if you learn to work with one, you can work with all the others.

So, when it comes to the home screens of your Android tablet, what can you customise? Well, one of the great things about Android is its Market, with thousands of applications on hand to be downloaded. It is highly likely that you will come to have favourites among them. So why not put links to these favourites on your home screen? That way they will be always there when you want them with just a single screen tap.

It isn't just downloaded applications you can put onto the home screen. Android comes with lots of 'widgets' – useful tools for doing all kinds of things, and these are designed exclusively to be placed on a home screen so they are easily accessible. Some widgets draw information from the internet such as your Facebook or Twitter updates, or news. Others draw information from your Android device such as the calendar or clock. Still others give you access to settings.

As if that isn't enough, a home screen can be adorned with shortcuts to things like web bookmarks and individual contacts. Imagine being able to get to a web site you really like and visit frequently just by tapping an icon on the home screen, or texting someone important just by tapping the home screen. It really can be that easy.

Let's not forget the wallpaper. Just as with a mobile phone, you can customise your Android tablet with its own background image, perhaps something drawn from a library of images, or a photo you have taken yourself.

Android comes with its own sets of widgets and wallpapers, and depending on which Android tablet you have the manufacturer may well have added more of its own as part of its process of 'skinning' Android. We've used a Samsung Galaxy Tab to show you how you can customise your Android tablet's home page, and if you have a different tablet your options may vary. But the basic steps you need to take remain the same.

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