If your Google Android tablet is not connected to the internet then there are lots of things you will be unable to do. Without an internet connection your tablet is a static device, you can only use it as a self contained piece of equipment and it is limited by the applications and services which were on it at the time you bought it.

But get onto the internet and the tablet becomes a connected device, and a whole world of activities is opened up. One of the most obvious, perhaps, is browsing the web, and accessing all the favourite web sites that you usually use with your main computer.

Your Android tablet can also be used for SMS and email, and in the latter case it is easy to set up email accounts so that you can pick up and reply to messages from however many email addresses you have. It can even cope with corporate email managed by Microsoft Exchange.

If you have a Google account, you'll need access to the internet in order to synchronise contacts you have stored within your account, get your Gmail on your tablet and synchronise your Google calendar too. You can also use the internet to enjoy video streaming services like YouTube and take advantage of catch-up TV. These kinds of services look great on the big screen of a tablet.

You'll need internet access to take full advantage of Google Maps and a host of services which work best when they know where you are. And then there is social networking. Imagine not being able to check your Facebook or keep in touch with your Twitter friends on your tablet.

And there is another reason for wanting to get your Android tablet connected to the internet. Apps. There are literally tens of thousands of applications for your Android tablet, all waiting for you to peruse and download. Android benefits from the fact that lots of these applications are free, and it is really easy to download one and try it out, then discard it if it does not meet your expectations.

We could go on. But the point is that an unconnected Android tablet doesn't get anywhere near giving you the full tablet experience.

You have two ways to get an Android tablet online – by using a SIM card and by using Wi-Fi.

You can take the SIM card route in a couple of ways. You can get your tablet on contract from an operator, paying in the same way as you would for a mobile phone. Or you can buy a tablet outright and use a pay as you go SIM from an operator. Shop around for the deals that look best to you.

An Android tablet can hop onto Wi-Fi networks that are open and those that are password protected. Getting on and off is easy, and your tablet will remember networks so that rejoining them a second time and thereafter is seamless.

So, what are you waiting for? Get online!

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