Want to boost your Draw Something skills? Here's how to make a stylus for a capacitive touchscreen in four easy DIY steps.

Capacitive touchscreens are everywhere these days. They're in iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android/Windows smartphones, and all new tablets. Pretty much any mobile touchscreen device that is worth having, now has a capacitive touchscreen. Contributing author: Chris Martin.

The fact that the touchscreens are conductive means that your device will only recognise a touch from your finger (or other body part) rather than, for example, the material in your pocket, or sleeve. This in turn means that you cannot use any old pen or nib as a stylus for your touchscreen.

So, because we're good guys here at PC Advisor - and we want to gain any advantage we can on Draw Something - we've looked into how to make a stylus. As it turns out, you can make your own DIY stylus with a few simple items you have lying around the house - and so long as you have a pulse (and therefor a natural electrical current running through your body) you can make your own stylus in a few minutes…and become the king of Draw Something at the same time.

What you'll need is: a cheap plastic biro, any disused electrical wire, a sponge, and a pair of scissors/scalpel. If you have all of these, then you can make your own stylus in 5-10 minutes.

Alternately you can buy one readymade for about £20 - worth it to have that advantage over your Draw Something competition:

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How to make a stylus:

DIY Stylus - Step one

Locate the disused electrical wire and cut off just over a biro length of it. Next you'll need to slice open the wire's outer rubber case and select one of the inner wires. Do the same again with one of the inner wires until you are left with just the copper wire.

How to make a stylus How to make a stylus: Step 1

DIY Stylus - Step two

Now you have your copper wire, you need to strip your cheap plastic biro down, until you are left with just its shell. Once this is done, you need to pierce a hole roughly half an inch from the biro's nib. Once you've done that - we recommend tightly twisting the copper fibres together - feed your wire through the newly made hole out to the nib of the biro.

How to make a stylus: Step 2

DIY Stylus - Step three

Once you have the wire poking out the nib of the biro, you need to cut off a small piece of sponge and wrap it around the wire. After this, you need to force the sponge back down the nib of the pen, leaving a small amount poking out - ensure that once it's in, it's still in contact with the wire. Tip: you want to make your new sponge tip as tight and smooth as possible, this will give you more control when using the DIY stylus on your touchscreen.

How to make a stylus: Step 3

DIY Stylus - Step four

Now you have your nib firmly in place, all you need to do it wrap the remanning wire around the outside of the pen. Remember, capacitive touchscreens require a current in order to work. So it's imperative you are touching some part of the wire when using your DIY stylus.

How to make a stylus: what you need

It's a simple as that. You now have your very own homemade stylus.

DIY Stylus