Factory resetting a BlackBerry PlayBook returns the tablet back to its original state, as if it hadn’t been used before. It deletes data, files, downloaded applications and any assigned accounts such as a Google Mail address.

Performing a factory reset can be useful in a number of situations and for different reasons. You might want to sell the tablet and make sure all your personal data is removed from the device beforehand. It can also be useful if your device has become too clogged up with apps, files and different accounts which may be compromising the performance.

Follow out step by step guide to resetting your BlackBerry Playbook. See also How to reset an Android tablet and How to set up BlackBerry Bridge 2.0

Note: Before resetting the PlayBook, make sure sure backup any data you wish to keep. Apps can be downloaded again after the reset.

Step One

Navigate to the Setting s menu. Do this by swiping downwards from the bezel above the screen or tapping the cog icon in the top right hand corner of the home screen.

Factory reset a BlackBerry PlayBook

Step Two

Scroll down the Setting menu and click on Security.

Factory reset a BlackBerry PlayBook Menu

Step Three

Within the Security pane on the right, click on the Security Wipe option.

Factory reset a BlackBerry PlayBook Security

Step Four

Type the word ‘blackberry’ into the text box and click Wipe Data. The PlayBook will carry out the full factory reset and reboot the tablet ready for use again.

Factory reset a BlackBerry PlayBook Wipe Data