A reader wanted to know if there is a tablet that works with a CyKey one-handed keyboard. Our Helproom Editor was there to advise.

QUESTION I would like to buy a tablet PC. The iPad is appealing, but it doesn't have a USB port. This is important, since I need to be able to use it with a CyKey one-handed keyboard, which uses a USB receiver. Frank Duffin

HELPROOM ANSWER Given that it has no USB port, there is no simple method for using your CyKey with an iPad. Some tablets do have a USB connector, but CyKey tells us that the device is compatible only with Windows, Mac and Linux – sadly, not Android. A Bluetooth version is in development, however, which a tablet or smartphone is more likely to support than USB 2.0.

Production is slated for the second quarter of 2012, but you'll need to check with CyKey for updates. It's too early for us to say how well it will work with tablets, but remember that most people will interact with the iPad using only one hand.

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