Cloud storage

Sometimes it is difficult to back up to the cloud files and folders that have long names. There's no problem with long filenames in the cloud, but some cloud storage services cannot handle pathnames in excess of 260 characters. It doesn't take too long a filename to bust this limit. Our Helproom Editor explains how to store in the cloud files with long filenames.

QUESTION I came across your guide to cloud storage because I need to back up and share large quantities of files for project work. I have used various backup programs and storage facilities in the past, but none has been able to back up documents with long filenames. Often there has been no indication that such files have not been backed up either. Can you point me in the direction of a service that supports long filenames?

HELPROOM ANSWER Long filenames aren't a problem for cloud storage services such as Dropbox. You're more likely to be running into the maximum pathname length. A pathname consists of the filename, plus all its containing folder names, right up to the initial drive letter.

To avoid problems in Windows, the pathname shouldn't exceed 260 characters. One way around this could be to compress into a single ZIP or RAR file any large folder structures before you back
them up to the web.

Alternatively, consider shortening some of the folder names if possible.

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