Skype for android

Our Helproom Editor explains how to view Skype in portrait mode on an Android tablet.

QUESTION I have an Android tablet which I like to hold vertically for Skype. Since I've updated to the latest version of the Skype app, I can use it only horizontally, in landscape mode. However, I've also updated the app on my Android phone and that works just fine vertically. How can I make it work vertically on my tablet?

HELPROOM ANSWER Microsoft recently changed the Android app, adding different interfaces for tablet and phone users. If you look at the app running on a tablet, you will see that the layout is quite different to how it looks on a phone, regardless of its orientation.

The tablet interface cannot be rotated in the way that the phone interface can and is stuck in horizontal mode. Microsoft recently added portrait mode for video calls, but the main interface is still decidedly landscape.

However, in the very latest version of the app, you now have the option to select the phone interface for use on your tablet. Touch the icon in the top right of the screen, (three little squares in a vertical line) and then select Settings.

Now select Appearance and choose the 'Classic view' option. You will have to re-start Skype for the change to take effect, but once you do, your tablet will use the same interface as your phone which can be easily rotated to portrait mode.

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