These days we all use multiple devices and you may have a computer at home and at work, a smartphone in your pocket and a tablet in your hand. It doesn't take long to discover a serious problem: keeping calendars and contacts in sync. You end up with contacts on your phone that you can't access on your computer, calendar events on your tablet that aren't on your phone and so on. It can be very frustrating.

There are a number of solutions and they mostly involve signing up to a service on the internet and adding apps or customising settings on your devices. Here we take a look at one service called Memotoo. It is fairly easy to use and there's a free option, so you can try it and see if it meets your requirements.

There are three versions of Memotoo: Free, Premium or Business. The main difference is the number of items you can synch between computers and devices. For example, a Free account is limited to 100 bookmarks, 50 contacts, 50 calendar events, 50 tasks and so on, whereas the Premium version is unlimited.

The Business version adds multiple account management. It’s less than a pound a month for the unlimited Premium version, so it won't break the bank.

You start by signing up for a free account at the website (you can upgrade to Premium at any time). This creates an empty contact manager, calendar, bookmarks and so on.

Then you simply add the services you want to synch to. For example, you can add Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, AOL, Linked In, Windows Phone 8, Outlook, Thunderbird, and so on. The list is comprehensive.

Select Facebook for example, and you have to sign in, authorise the app and then wait a minute for it to synch. You then repeat this for the next service - sign in, authorise, synch, and so on. Then you add your calendars and go through the whole sign in, authorise, synch process again for every service.

When you are done with the website, you move on to the tablets and phones, either installing a Memotoo app as with Android or by configuring synch services as with the iPad and iPhone. The end result is that each device is kept in synch. Make a change on one and it appears on all the others.

How to set up syncing with Memotoo

Go to and click the Sign Up button on the home page. There is a form to fill in and you can select the version you want, we'll use the free one. Then click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page to continue.

Memotoo sign up

2. Check your email for a message from Memotoo and click the link to confirm your account. Read this page carefully because it contains important information about synching various devices, such as Android and Windows phones and tablets.

Confirm email address

3. Click Contacts in the menu bar then click the button next to it and select Synchronise my address book. Choose the service with which you want to synch contacts. Repeat this step for every device and service with which you want to sync.

Memotoo - sync contacts

4. As with contacts, select Calendar at the top, click the menu button next to it and select Synchronise my calendar. All the synch services that are supported are listed. Click one and add it, then return here to add another, and so on.

Memotoo - sync calendar

5. After synching your address books and calendars you can explore the Memotoo website. Select Contacts to see them all listed. The menu has options to add contacts, share your address book and so on. Synchronise my address book adds more synch services.

Memotoo - extra services

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