Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes can be a really useful software program. But what happens to all your useful Notes when you upgrade your PC or laptop? Here's how to take your Sticky Notes with you wherever you go.

QUESTION I've been making heavy use of the Sticky Notes program built into Windows 7 and I now have to return the laptop I've been using. How can I back up all my Sticky Notes without having to copy and paste all the text into another application?

ANSWER The Sticky Notes program saves all of its information in a single file, called StickyNotes.snt.

You can locate this file by opening up an explorer window and typing %AppData%\Microsoft\Sticky Notes into the address bar. Press Enter and you should see it.

Close the Sticky Notes program (do not close the individual notes!) and copy this file somewhere safe. You'll probably want to delete it from the system too, unless you want the recipient of the laptop to have all your notes.

If you want to use your saved Sticky Notes on a new PC, simply reverse the process. Unfortunately, you can't merge two saved StickyNotes.snt files, and you'll have to delete any existing Sticky Notes on the new PC before you're able to copy the file over.

When copying the file over, select the option to overwrite the existing file if asked. Now when you run Sticky Notes, your saved Notes should appear on your new PC.

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Sticky Notes