Editing a PDF

How to edit a PDF so that you have single PDF documents for each page. (See also: How to edit PDFs in Word 2013.)

QUESTION I have a large multi-page PDF file from which I would like to send a single page to my friend. Is there a way I can extract just the page I want without having to buy any expensive software?

HELPROOM ANSWER Yes there is. You can do this using Google's free Chrome browser. If you don't have it already, go to www.google.com/chrome and click the big, blue "Download Chrome" button.

Once you've installed Chrome, launch it and navigate to the location of your PDF file in Windows Explorer. Now drag the icon for your PDF file and drop it on to the Chrome browser window. Your PDF file should now open within Chrome.

Now move your cursor to the bottom right of the Chrome window, using your mouse. A row of buttons should then appear. Click the button with the printer icon as though you're going to print the document. (See also: How to edit PDF files for free without Acrobat Pro.)

Here you should see an entry marked "Destination", probably with your default printer already selected (if you have one). Click the "Change" button and select "Save as PDF" from the list of Local Destinations.

Now you can select which pages you want to save, by filling in the box in the "Pages" section of the Print dialogue. You can select individual pages, separated by commas or ranges of pages such as "1-3" to print the first three pages. You can mix individual pages and ranges to make a more complex selection. (See also: Convert PDFs to Word and other formats.)

Now click the "Save" button at the top of the page. You will then be presented with a standard Save dialog box where you can type a filename and choose where to save your file. The saved file will contain only the pages you selected from the original document.

The built in Chrome PDF Viewer can't deal with some rare kinds of PDF file, so this method will work with most, but not all, PDF files. It's also possible to disable the Chrome PDF Viewer, in which case you will need to re-enable it.

To do this, go to the address bar and type "chrome://plugins". This will display a list of installed plug-ins. Scroll down until you find "Chrome PDF Viewer" and make sure it is enabled. If it is enabled, there will be a link to disable it. However if it is currently disabled, a link will be provided to enable it. (See also: Create PDF files with a virtual printer.)

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