Save Web Page

How to save a copy of a web page to your local hard drive.

QUESTION I have a lot of writing which I typed directly into a website, run by a friend, which is now closing down. What, please, is the best way to preserve my writing, preferably to transfer it to somewhere else on the web and without having to pay?

HELPROOM ANSWER Most browsers offer a simple way of saving the content of a Web page to a copy on your local hard drive. For example, if you're using Internet Explorer, you can press Ctrl-S to bring up a "Save Webpage" box. From here, you can select a folder on your local hard drive where you would like to save your page. For safety's sake, we suggest selecting "Webpage, complete" as the file type.

This will create a file on your local hard drive on which you can click to open it in your browser. It will also create a folder of associated files, such as and images and scripts which may have been part of the page behind the scenes. This folder should be kept together with your downloaded file.

You can do this for each page containing your writing, creating a local backup of your work.

Alternatively, you could use an application such as Pagenest from, to save an entire website locally. This could be useful if your writings are spread across many pages on the site and you can't easily locate them all.

Finally, you say the website is run by a friend. If so, your friend should have access to all the website data and may be able to back it up for you and provide you with your content directly.

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