Stop Paint Shop Pro launching

How to stop Paint Shop Pro launching every time you insert a memory stick.

QUESTION Every time I insert a flash drive into my laptop, Corel PaintShop Pro launches. How can I fix this so it doesn't happen? I'm using Windows 7 and I have many JPEG files on the flash drive.

HELPROOM ANSWER Windows can be configured to take various different actions when devices such as USB flash drives are inserted. When no default action has been set, Windows will ask you how you would like it to handle the contents of your drive, but once a default action has been selected  - such as opening Paint Shop Pro – it will continue to perform this action every time without asking.

To change this behaviour, insert your flash drive and close down Paint Shop Pro when it opens. Now go to the Windows Start menu and type "AutoPlay" into the search box. This should pop up "Change default settings for media or devices" in the search results. Click on it to bring up the AutoPlay options.

Now look for the entry marked "Pictures", click no the pull-down menu to the right and select an appropriate action to be taken when you insert a drive containing images. If you just want to open the drive to access the files, select "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer".

Alternatively, you can select "Ask me every time", in which case Windows will pop up a list of appropriate options each time you insert the flash drive.

You can set up different default options for different types of file. By selecting "Video files", "Audio files" or any of the other Media options, you can select what you would like Windows to do when encountering files of each type on any inserted media.

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