An increasing number of us use desktop publishing tools such as Microsoft Word for digital documents, never intended to be printed. This makes Draft view mode desirable as a defualt. Here's how to set Draft view as the default in Word.

QUESTION I use Microsoft Word 2010, but my documents aren't designed to be printed. How can I make Word default to the Draft view mode? I currently have to manually switch to Draft view each time I open a document. Kiki Abdi

HELPROOM ANSWER As you've discovered, Microsoft Word 2010 doesn't like to open documents in Draft view by default. However, there are a few steps you can take to enable all documents saved in Draft,view to re-open in Draft view, and to enable all new Word 2010 documents to start in Draft view.

Open Word 2010 and go to the File Menu. Under Help, click on Options. Now click on Advanced and scroll all the way down to General, near the bottom of the page. Here, tick the box marked ‘Allow opening a document in Draft view', then click Ok.

Now, if you save your document while in Draft view, it will re-open in Draft view the next time you load it. To make new documents open in Draft View you need to edit Word's Normal.dotm template file, which holds the default settings for new documents.

To locate your Normal.dotm template file, type %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates in the Word's File, Open dialog. Open Normal.dotm, change the view mode to Draft view and re-save it. Now, when you start a new document, it should start in Draft view.

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