Playing games and watching movies and TV shows are some fun things to do with a computer, but it can also be put to potentially more worthy tasks – helping your personal improvement, for example, by helping you to learn a new language.

With modern software, super-fast processors and broadband internet connections the process of teaching yourself how to speak and write in a foreign tongue has never been easier or more interactive and fun.

Now, thanks to the many innovations in online education there are plenty of ways to tailor the learning experience for your needs. You can pretty much teach yourself another language for free if you search the internet and listen to foreign language podcasts and the like, though obviously this method can be a bit haphazard and lacks any way of accurately tracking your progress.

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to sign up with one of the many online services. Take, for example, the Rosetta Stone range. This software tool does so much more than simply having you repeat parrot fashion some words in the hope you’ll retain them. Thanks to the modern laptop you can interact with real people anytime day or night in your chosen language. You simply log on and start a video chat to see and hear in crystal clear quality. For the times when a video chat isn’t possible you can run the interactive self-learning courses that update constantly and help you track your progress.

Learning a foreign language does take time and effort, however, with the flexibility and portability of a laptop and the power of language learning tools you’ll always be able to sneak in some revision no matter where you are.

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