Changing to a new web browser can offer benefits in terms of speed and customisation. And with our Helproom Editor's expert guidance you can import bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, options and other data from one browser to another. Here's how to import IE Favorites into Firefox.

QUESTION I've been using Internet Explorer, but I'd like to start using Firefox. How can I import my Favorites from Internet Explorer into Firefox? Johnnyrocker

HELPROOM ANSWER This is very simple. If you haven't yet installed Firefox, you'll be given the option to import your Internet Explorer data as part of the installation process.

This process will import your bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, options and other miscellaneous data. You could also import these data from Google Chrome if it's installed on your machine.

On the assumption that you've already installed and been playing around with Firefox, you'll need to search for the import option in the browser's Library. You can access the Library by going to the History menu and selecting ‘Show All History', or by entering the Bookmarks menu and selecting ‘Show All Bookmarks'.

At the top of the Library window is a button labelled ‘Import and backup'. Click this and select ‘Import data from another browser'. You will now be able to choose to import data from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Click Next and follow the instructions, selecting which data you wish to import. Your Internet Explorer Favorites will now be found in Firefox's Bookmarks menu under ‘From Internet Explorer'.

If you've been using another browser, such as Apple's Safari, you can import your bookmarks by first exporting them from your old browser in HTML format. You can then use the Firefox Library to import the bookmarks as an HTML file. This process won't copy over any settings, cookies or browsing history, however.

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