This week, Symantec made a free beta version on its Norton Identity Safe publicly available to all web users. The web-based service lets you securely store logins and passwords for online accounts in the cloud and then use a master password to ensure you can access any of these accounts from a number of different PC, as well as Apple iPhones, Apple iPads or devices running Google Android without the need to remember hundreds of different log-in credentials. It's easy and simple to use. Here's How to set-up a Norton Identity Safe account and use the master password when accessing the web on a PC.

Step one
Start by downloading Norton Identity Safe from Symantec's dedicated website. Begin to install the software. You'll be asked to enter a Norton Account login. If you're not already a Norton users, simply enter your email address and you'll be given the opportunity to create a Norton account in the next step.

Step two
To create a Norton account, you'll be required to enter your name, re-type your email address and choose a password. Now press Sign-up.

Step three
Now you'll need to select a different password for your online vault. This will enable you to access all your personal information. However, it's worth noting that Symantec says it won't store the password, so they'll be unable to retrieve it should you forget it. I must be at least eight characters long and contain one uppercase and one lowercase letter, a number and a symbol. Press Create.

Step four
Norton Identity Safe will offer to import existing logins and passwords from Internet Explorer. If you use this browser then tick yes. Alternatively, if you use Firefox or Chrome, the software will ask to install a toolbar in your browser that can be easily used to save your logins. Press yes when asked. It's worth noting, the software will also recommend turning off your browser's built-in password manager, to ensure it's more secure.

Step five
To add a new login and password to your account, choose the Settings option from the Norton Identity Safe logo in the toolbar. Then select Edit logins. Now press Create new login. You'll be asked to enter the URL of the site, along with your username and password. Make sure the box next to Require Identity Safe password before filling. Press Close.

Step six
Next time you visit the site, you'll be required to Validate you Norton Safe Identity password before your login name and password are automatically entered and you can access your account.