QUESTION When browsing the web on my brand-new Windows 7 laptop I get warnings that the memory is running low and that I should close some programs. On Startup a Performance Options window appears. This allocates processor resources to adjust performance for programs or background services.

Having already set and applied my changes, I have to go through the same process every time I start up the laptop. EG Savage

HELPROOM ANSWER Several Windows 7 users have reported this problem. Luckily, there are also several fixes.

Ensure you have a pagefile set. Log in with administrator privileges, then go to Start, Search, type cmd and press Enter. At the command prompt type sc config afs start= disabled. Press Enter then reboot.

Another option is to create a custom power plan. Click Start, type Power Options in the Start Search box, then click Power Options in the Programs list. Click the option to change plan settings, then select the display and sleep settings you want your PC to use. Alternatively, click 'Change advanced power settings' to alter additional settings. Click Ok or Save changes.

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