QUESTION I recently installed the free email client Incredimail. It works fine but, on downloading an update, it has taken over Google's Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and my other web browsers. When I try to open them via their desktop shortcut icons or the Programs menu, up pops the My Start by Incredimail page and a message stating that what I’ve tried to open isn’t my default browser. Clicking on ‘Make this my default browser’ doesn’t change things. R Hanson

HELPROOM ANSWER You’re right to be concerned. Incredimail is a legitimate program, but it tries to take over many internet functions and creates more than 125 folders, 800 files and 2,200 Registry keys. Many of these remain after you have uninstalled the program.
Microsoft even has a page dedicated to a particular problem created after its removal. You need to uninstall Outlook Express, remove the Registry keys for Incredimail – a process described in the above link – and then reinstall Outlook Express.

When you install Incredimail it sets your default search engine and home page to its own search engine, MyStart Search (unless you specify otherwise).

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options and change the home page to something you prefer. Do the same in Firefox using the Tools, Options menu.

To set Internet Explorer as your default browser, go to Tools, Internet Options, Programs and click the 'Make default' button. To make Firefox your default browser go to Tools, Options, General.

Click the Check Now button under System Defaults and select Yes.