QUESTION I'm still using Quicken for my home inventory. Unfortunately, a necessary refresh of Windows 7 has left me with problems reinstalling Quicken. I get the error message: ‘The program cannot load because MFC70.DLL is missing from your computer'. I'm a novice user and would be grateful for any advice you can offer me. Edward Powell

HELPROOM ANSWER There are several possible causes for this problem, Edward. Most likely is that your copy of Quicken isn't compatible with Windows 7. You can check Microsoft's compatibility list here.

If this is the case, try setting up a Windows XP virtual machine using the free VirtualBox platform. Note that you will need to have a Windows XP installation disc to hand and a valid licence key.

Another possibility is that the file in question is missing or corrupted. Go to Start, type sfc /scannow in the search bar and press Enter. Windows will check and repair any corrupt or missing system files.

You should also run Windows Update and ensure that all updates are applied, especially those relating to Microsoft's .Net framework.

You can fix any hard-drive errors you uncover using another tool built into Windows. Press Start, Computer, right-click your hard drive and choose Properties, Tools, Error-checking, Check now. Ensure the box for ‘Automatically fix file system errors' is selected. Now click Start, ‘Schedule disk check', and reboot the PC.

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