With the increased availability of consumer video on even the cheapest mobile handsets, Corel has bundled its video-editing software with its latest digital image editor. Here, we show you how to make the most out of your home movies and favourite snaps with Corel Digital Studio 2010.

Lots of companies make programs for video and image editing, but most maximise their profits by selling those utilities separately. It's a more straightforward approach, perhaps, but it also means you'll have to fork out for two applications if you want to work with both photos and video on your PC.

Corel Digital Studio 2010 review

Corel used to take this approach with PaintShop Pro and VideoStudio. But the company has noticed the increased availability of consumer video - even the cheapest mobile handsets can record footage of a reasonable quality. So it makes sense to offer an affordable suite that combines photo and video tools in a single box.

Digital Studio 2010 (£59 inc VAT, corel.com) is the result of such ponderings, comprising PaintShop Photo Express and VideoStudio Express. It provides a complete suite of tools, but costs less than the Pro version of either package.

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Although PaintShop Photo and VideoStudio are still installed as separate programs, a redesigned interface makes it easy to switch between them without having to familiarise yourself with two sets of editing tools.

On launching either program you'll find yourself in the Media Organiser. Here you can browse, tag and organise your photo and video collections. Double-clicking any file takes you to the editing mode.

Easy-to-use tools are available for correcting flaws in your photos and video clips. You can also create longer movie clips by joining several together, or view your photos in sequence in a slideshow.

Once you're finished, an option in Digital Studio 2010 uploads video to websites such as YouTube and photos to Flickr. If you'd prefer to produce a DVD, Corel also bundles DVD Factory to help you quickly burn your projects to disk.

Getting started

Step 1: Digital Studio places shortcuts to its four separate applications and a gadget on your desktop. We deleted the shortcuts and used the gadget to access each program. However, you can switch off the gadget by right-clicking it and deselecting the auto-load option.

Corel Digital Studio 2010 step 1

Step 2: The suite consists of three main elements: PaintShop Photo, VideoStudio and DVD Factory. All display the same Media Organiser on launch. We've opened PaintShop Photo. The Import button (top right) is used to acquire more images, while the Library on the left accesses other media types.

Corel Digital Studio 2010 step 2