QUESTION I access my Yahoo Mail account via a dialup internet connection on my Windows XP computer. When I try to log into the webmail interface, IE reports script errors '871' and '865' on the page. These errors started to appear after I upgraded from IE 7.0 to Internet Explorer 8.0. I have since reverted to the earlier browser, but the error messages still appear. Is IE 8.0 safe to use? Stephen Dutton

HELPROOM ANSWER The issue is probably caused by an outdated web cache. You can empty the cache in IE by clicking on Tools, Internet Options, Browsing History Options, Delete. As you're using a dialup connection, note that it may take some time for websites to load while IE rebuilds its cache.

An out-of-date or faulty toolbar is another possible cause. Try disabling or uninstalling the Yahoo toolbar and any others you use – with the exception of the Menu Bar, Favorites Bar and Status Bar. To do so, right-click the toolbar in IE and turn off any add-ons you use or click Tools, Toolbars and deselect the toolbars from there. It's also possible to delete toolbars from Control Panel, Add\Remove Programs.

If the problem persists, try accessing Yahoo Mail from a different web browser. We've compared Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera in our Web browser group test 2010 feature.

IE 8.0 is perfectly fine to use, but some websites may not render correctly. If you find this is the case, try the 'Compatibility view' button. If a site you're trying to visit has an icon that resembles a torn page, right-click the browser toolbar and add the 'Compatibility View Button'. Pressing this button should fix display errors. An updated version of Java will also help.

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