It’s possible to combine the intuitiveness of painting with the convenience of digital art. We use Corel Painter 11  to create a striking and artistic portrait.

Corel Painter 11 aims to digitally recreate the experience of painting, making it a great place to start experimenting with digital art for fine artists, illustrators and anyone still working with pen and paint. The digital process is surprisingly intuitive and faithful to traditional painting techniques. Painter works the same way on a PC or Mac.

Painter offers an array of brushes and other art tools, techniques, textures and papers, allowing you to experiment creatively without the expense or mess of doing it traditionally. Here, we look at how to use its simple cloning tools and Smart Stroke features, enabling you to create digital paintings from photos with ease. For the more advanced user, photos can act as a starting point, a guide that you use as a foundation for a more painterly look.

Step 1. Browse your photos to get just the right image. Look for images with detail, good contrast and colour; also make sure your image is high-res. You may want to crop and resize the image to add emphasis, framing your subject to create a more considered portrait.

Corel Painter 11 step 1

Step 2. With any project it pays to be organised from the start. Create new folders for your source images and paintings and ensure you don’t overwrite files. Give your files relevant names that are easy to search for later on. If you have experimented with an effect or style, name your file accordingly.

Corel Painter 11 step 2