There are plenty of reasons you might want to change the time on your Windows PC.

You may have moved to a new time zone and want the machine to be correct. Alternatively, the clock may simply be a few minutes faster or slower than your wrist watch or even the time on your mobile phone and you'd rather they were all in sync. You'll be pleased to know it's a simple task that can be implemented in just a few steps. Here's how.

Step one
Right-click on the time, which can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the Windows Taskbar. From the list of options displayed, select Adjust date/time. You can also access the same settings menu by selecting Control Panel from the Start Menu and then choosing Clock, language, region. From the Window that open, select Adjust date/time.

Step two
Click the Change date and time button located on the left-hand and then select the correct date from the calendar, using the forward and back buttons to scroll through the months of the year.

Step three
You can adjust the time but clicking the mouse on the box underneath the clock and entering the correct time, in hours, minutes, seconds. It's worth noting that the date is automatically displayed in the day, month, year format, while time is displayed as a 24-hour clock. However, this can be changed by pressing Change calendar settings and then selecting the relevant format from the drop-down menus.

Step four
When you're happy with the date and time, press OK. You can also change the time zone, by pressing the Change time Zone, which is located underneath Change date and time. Use the drop-down menu to select the correct time zone, and if relevant select Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving time. Then press OK.

Step five
Based on your time zone, Windows notifies you if the time zone you're in is using Daylight Saving Time (a handy feature if you can't remember whether the clocks need to go back or forward), and you can even elect to be notified when the clock change in the selected time zone. Furthermore, you can even get more information about when various time zones run to and from by clicking Get more time zone information online.

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