Facebook's app for Android has come on leaps and bounds since it was first introduced. Now, not only does it allow you access your Timeline (the new-look profile which was made available to all users in December this year) it also ensures you can upload photos and comment on and like on those images as well as pictures belonging to your friends.

However, unlike Facebook's iPhone app, which lets you tag someone in an image when you upload it as well as in pictures previously uploaded to the site, Facebook for Android works differently. If you upload an image to the site from your Android device, you can tag someone in the post but not in the picture itself. Furthermore, it does not allow you tag an image you have already uploaded to the social network.

Before you heave a big sigh and get ready to boot up your PC, stop. There is still a way to tag previously uploaded photos using Facebook for Android. Here we show you how to tag a photo uploaded using Facebook for Android and how to tag a previously uploaded image.

Step one
To upload and tag a photo using your Facebook for Android app, launch the app and then tap the Menu button in the top left-hand corner of the app.

Step two
From the option displayed, select photos, which will display a list of all the albums you have uploaded to the social network. Now select the + icon in the far right-hand corner and from the upload choices select Photo.

Step three
Now select whether you want to capture a new image or using one that's already stored on your Android device. The photo will be included on a post, so you can simply write a caption and press the person icon in the bottom left-hand corner to tag people in the post. Then press Upload.

Step four
If you want to tag a photo you have previously uploaded to Facebook, open the web browser on your Android device and navigate to touch.facebook.com.

Step five
Sign-in to the social network and click the Menu button in the top left-hand corner, then select Photos to browse your uploaded albums. Tap on an album to select it, and then click the photo you want to tag.

Step six
Click on Add tag from below the image and begin typing the name of the person you want to tag. Now press Submit and your tag will be added to the photo.