Over time your PC and laptop builds up an array of redundant programs, files and data within its storage. This can make it run slower and mean you can't store more files when the hard drive is full. Fortunately there are apps which can remove this detritus automatically, as well as free up precious storage space.

We’re also going to recommend some tools that ensure you have all the latest drivers installed and other that help you dispose of sensitive personal information properly.

How can I increase the speed of my computer?



One of the apps for this task is CCleaner. This program examines your PC for any redundant, duplicated, broken or corrupted files and removes them with the click of a mouse. It will also automatically remove cookies and browsing data if you should so desire.

You can download CCleaner for free. There's also a paid-for version, CCleaner Professional, which costs £14.95 / $19.95 per year.

EF StartUp Manager


Windows will automatically start programs when your PC turns on. If you have a lot of programs set to run upon startup this could dramatically increase the amount of time it takes your PC to power up.

EF StartUp Manager lets you know which programs will automatically run when your PC starts and will manage the process in a more efficient way to get you up and running sooner.


Should I Remove It?

Should I Remove It?

Even the most experienced PC user will occasionally come across a program or file on their PC that they don’t know the purpose of. Should I Remove It? is a great bit of software that looks at the programs installed on your PC and tells you what they do, giving you information with which you can make a more informed choice on whether to remove the program or not.

You can head on over to the Should I Remove It website and download the app for free.

Secure Eraser


Secure Eraser provides an alternative to your Recycle Bin, removing files and information in a way that ensures it can’t be recovered.

If you deal with sensitive data often or want to make sure that any personal information you want to remove is unrecoverable then Secure Eraser is the perfect tool.

Update Star


Update Star helps ensure that all the software you’re running on your PC stays up to date. It’s a great little tool that reminds you of updates to your software all in one place and keeps your drivers ready to go.

You can download Update Star here.

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