Apple's iTunes is great software for organising your digital music collection. It allows you to organise files by track name, album, artist, genre or star rating that you provide, as well as letting you create playlists of tracks. These tracks can then even be transferred to any of your devices that run iOS, such as an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod or shared with other computers located on your home network.

However, the software also offers a Radio function that allows you to listen to internet-based stations that steam tracks across the web. There are hundred of radio stations across 25 different genres and even includes BBC radio stations. You can even add stations yourself if they're not already included in the listed stations. Here's how to listen to and add radio stations in iTunes.

Step one
From the Start menu, select iTunes to launch the software.

Step two
From the menu of the left-hand side of the iTunes window, select Radio.

Step three
From the Stream list of genres, click the arrow to the left-hand side of the genre you want. This will expand the list.

Step four
Now simply double click the station you want to listen to and playback will begin.

Step five
If you can't see the radio station you want, click the Advanced menu and then select Open Stream.

Step six
Type in the URL of the internet radio station in the box that appears and then press OK. The radio station will begin playing and can be found in future in the relevant genres under the radio list.