Windows Media Centre, which was first introduced in Vista and given a new user-interface and improved functions in Windows 7, is a media player designed to bring music, pictures and even digital TV and movies to one location on a Windows PC. By launching the programme you can access all your multimedia and even play a photo slideshow while you're listening to music.

We've already shown you how to play music and create playlists in Windows Media Centre but you can also configure the software to display images stored on your PC at the same time as music is playing. Here's how to set it up.

Step one
To begin with you need to make sure you have a selection of Favourite pictures. You can either select images based on their star rating (if you've given images ratings) or select to use all your pictures, or pictures from a specific folder. To do this launch Windows Media Centre and scroll down to Tasks and select Settings

Step two
From the options displayed, choose Pictures and then click on Favourite Pictures. From here select whether you want to use rated images, all pictures or a specific folder and then press Save. Use the back arrow to return to the main menu.

Step three
Now, select Music and click on Music Library. From here, select the album, track, artists, genre or slideshow you want to begin playing and then press play now. Once music begins playing, select Play pictures from the far left-hand side and your favourite images will begin being displayed while the music continues.