Apple's iTunes is great software for organising your digital music collection. It allows you to organise files by track name, album, artist, genre or star rating that you provide, as well as letting you create playlists of tracks. These tracks can then even be transferred to any of your devices that run iOS, such as an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod or shared with other computers located on your home network.

We’ve already shown you how to import music into your iTunes library, which you can listen to individually but you can also create playlists that contain the tracks you want and will then play continuously. Here’s hot to create playlists of tracks

Step one
From the Start menu, select iTunes to launch the software.

Step two
From the File menu select New Playlist and then enter a name for your playlist.

Step three
Now simply drag songs from your library to playlist. Click on the playlist to view the order the tracks will be played in. Simply drag and drop songs to re-order them.

Step four
To begin listening to your playlist, simply click on the playlist and press the play button located at the top left hand-side of the iTunes Window.