If you want to edit PDFs in Word you need a PDF to Word converter. Converting a PDF to Word sounds - but absolutely is not - difficult. You can download free or paid PDF software to your computer, or use a free online service. Here’s how to convert a PDF to Word. Also see: How to edit PDFs.

How to convert PDF to Word: Adobe Acrobat DC

If you are running professional PDF-editing software such as Adobe Acrobat DC then the ability to turn PDFs into Word documents is built right into the software. Acrobat DC costs £13.33 per month, although a seven-day free trial is also available and may be all you need.

To convert a PDF to Word using Acrobat DC you open the PDF file, click the Export PDF tool in the right pane, then choose Microsoft Word as the export format and select Word document. Click Export, name the resulting file and save it to a location of your choice.

If you don’t want to pay for Acrobat DC and your trial has run out, we’ve listed some free options below.

How to convert a PDF to Word: Google Drive

If you have a Google account then you also have a Google Drive account. Head to Drive.Google.com and click New, File upload, then select your PDF to upload it to Drive.

PDF to Word

Right-click the PDF and Choose Open with, Google Docs. The PDF will open in a document editor as a text-only file. You can edit the file as you see fit and save any changes, or simply choose File, Download as, Microsoft Word.

PDF to Word

This Google Drive approach strips out any images and much of the formatting. If you would rather leave this intact, try one of the free online services listed below.

Here's how to convert JPEG to PDF for free.

How to convert PDF to Word: Free online services

There are many free PDF-to-Word converters online, including PDFtoWord.com, PDFOnline.com, PDF2Doc.com, PDFPro and PDF Converter.

We’ve written the below tutorial using the first of those services, PDFtoWord, which as well as the online service has a desktop client you can try free on your desktop for 14 days. This will be handy if you will be regularly converting PDFs to Word.

To start using PDFtoWord just browse to PDFtoWord.com and hit the button ‘Select your file’. Browse to the document stored on your machine, enter your email address and click Convert Now.

PDF to Word

You should get an email in your inbox with a button to download the Word document.

PDF to Word

Depending on the complexity of your PDF, you may find some parts of the PDF require some editing in Word. This is possible in exactly the same way as any other Word document. In the screenshot below you can see both the original PDF and the resulting Word document.

PDF to Word

You should note that before you upload any files you must agree to the T&Cs. We would avoid converting any particularly sensitive files online.

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