Apple's iTunes is great for organising your digital music collection on your PC. But what if you want to listen to those digital tracks elsewhere perhaps when you're in your car or on a stereo system that doesn't support music-streaming?
Fear not, iTunes offers a disc-burning function that, provided the PC iTunes is installed on has a CD writer, will let you make a copy of your tracks to CD so they can be played wherever you like. Here's how.

It's worth noting, you can only burn tracks that have been organised into a playlist and are located in the iTunes library on the PC you're using

Step one
From the Start menu, select iTunes to launch the program.

Step two
Click on the playlist you want to burn to CD. If you haven't created the playlist, select Music from under the Library section on the far left-hand corner of the window and then choose New Playlist from the file menu. Give the playlist a name and then drag and drop tracks into the playlist.

Step three
Right-click on the playlist and select Burn to Disc from the options available.

Step four
Now select whether you want burn an Audio CD or MP3 CD, which disc drive you want to use to create the disc and the length of gap between each track. Press Burn.

Step five
You'll be asked to insert a disc, if you haven't done already and then the burn will commence. You'll be notified once it's been completed.