A reader wrote in with a problem with Word and Excel 2007. Here's what to do if you are getting error messages with 'File12\1033\MSO.acl' and 'MSO 1033.acl' in them.

QUESTION My HP Pavilion PC runs Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2). When I try to save a Microsoft Word or Excel 2007 document, the program reports that it's 'not responding' and the 'Word/Excel is saving…' bottom bar shows no progress. A file is saved to the desktop, but I can open it only in read-only mode and, even using the administrator account, I'm told the file is in use or locked.

Any attempt to save a file edited in read-only mode produces an error message stating that I may not have permission to modify the 'autocorrect file MSO 1033.acl'. In Excel, the error message concerns 'File12\1033\MSO.acl MSO 1033.acl'. How can I correct this problem? Zimani D Kadzamira

HELPROOM ANSWER Microsoft offers a free Fix it utility that has been reported as a solution by others experiencing the same problem. Head to tinyurl.com/2ae8Lm5, then scroll down the page and click the 'Fix it' button to download the program. If this doesn't fix the problem, delete the '1033.acl' file. You'll then need to manually set up your autocorrect options within Word, however.

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