When a reader's PC crashed he found he could no longer use QuickBooks. Our Helproom Expert explains what to do when QuickBooks won't run.

QUESTION My PC suffered a major crash and I'm no longer able to open QuickBooks. I get the error message: 'QB has a problem in reading the registration file. You need to remove this file and reinstall QB – C:\Program Data\Common Files\Intuit\QB\qbregistration.dat'. I deleted this file and then tried to reinstall the software. This didn't work so I attempted a repair installation, followed by an uninstall and reinstall. The problem remains. Other than buying a new PC, what can I do? Richard Sewell

HELPROOM ANSWER According to information on Intuit's support site, this problem usually occurs when the MSXML component of Windows has been damaged. The site also reports that problems can occur if Symantec Norton 360 (or a similar Norton product) is running while QuickBooks is installed or updated.

To repair your MSXML installation, download the standalone installer directly from Microsoft. You may need to re-register the MSXML DLL files – do this by following the instructions given here. (The instructions are slightly different depending on which version of Windows you're running, so we won't reproduce them here.)

Next, create or re-create QuickBook's qbregistration.dat file by following Intuit's instructions. You may need to perform a repair install of QuickBooks but, all being well, you shouldn't need to buy a new PC just yet.

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