Some camera apps no longer work with iPhones updated to iOS 6. We use Camera+ as an example but the same is true for ProCamera, Hipstamatic and other camera apps. Does the app require an update or can you fix the problem of a non-working app yourself? See also: How to install iOS 6

Shortly after updating my iPhone to iOS 6 I took a photo using Taptaptap’s excellent photography app Camera+. See: iOS 6 review

See also: iPhone 5 review

When I tried to save the snap to my iPhone’s Camera Roll something went wrong. I was shown a “Saving error” message, reading “An error occurred while saving your photo to the Camera Roll. User denied access”.

Camera Roll User denied Access Camera+

I assumed that my favourite photography app had been found incompatible with iOS 6.

Cursing myself for not checking this first I contacted the app developer but heard nothing back.

Then I started looking into the iPhone’s Settings to see if there was something unchecked or switched off that I could manually change to fix the Camera+ problem.

Eventually I worked out why Camera+ won't save to camera roll (it's down to Location Services, which is now hidden away under Privacy).

How to fix Camera+ in iOS 6

Go to Settings and click on Privacy: Settings > Privacy

iPhone iOS 6 Privacy settings

Click on Photos on the next screen: Settings > Privacy > Photos

There you should see an option for Camera+ or any other app that allows you to save photos to the Camera Roll.

iPhone iOS 6 Privacy settings Photos

Switch this option On.

That’s it – it took a bit of flicking around the iPhone’s Settings but my iOS 6 update hadn’t ruined a perfectly good app, and it now happily saves my edited photos correctly to the Camera Roll.

We haven't yet tried this using the new iPhone 5, but I expect it's a problem only on older iPhones updated to iOS 6. Either way, the same fix should work.

As we noted in our Hands on with iOS 6 Settings, Location Services has been moved inside a new Privacy screen that lets you fine-tune access to Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, and your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Update: The developers of ProCamera got in touch with us to confirm its app has the same issue and fix. They've written a blog about it.

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